Membership benefits include:

punkthellblauInformation on the Society and on forthcoming events such as international and regional
punkthellblautelecommunications conference proceedings
punkthellblauDiscounts as announced for ITS events and publications
punkthellblauOccasional special discounts on ITS conference proceedings
punkthellblauComplimentary subscription to Telecommunications Policy (11 issues per year)
punkthellblauAccess to the ITS Listserv

Benefits vary between the different membership groups.

There are three categories of memberships: Individual Membership, For-Profit Corporation Membership and

Non-Profit or Governmental Membership.

A. Individual (including Academic) Membership

One year membership: $125(USD)


B. For-Profit Corporation Memberships (includes PTTs)

Global Membership: $6,000(USD) per year

International Membership: $3,000(USD) per year

Societal Membership: $1,500(USD) per year


C. Non-Profit or Governmental Memberships

1-100 Employees: $500(USD) per year

101 and over Employees: $1,000(USD) per year


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